Welcome to Villains Sportsland!

Two years ago the initial idea of building a replica of Meihan Sportsland here in Walla Walla WA began to present itself to us. We didn't take it very seriously at first but as time moved on and more key pieces fell into place. The possibility slowly turned into more of a reality. Legal permission from the City, County, Landowner and Dragstrip have all been acquired and Contractor quotes are in! We are now ready to break ground! The final hurdle is the finances to pay for the actual construction. This is where you can get involved!

  1. Lifetime membership! - Your Purchase of 500$ will secure you a Lifetime (10 years) Free pass to drive all 3 drift events we host each year.
  2. Single Event -Should the membership be a little more than you can afford, we are also offering a single weekend driver pass for $165
  3. Support pack - Finally a $50 track support option is available for anyone who wants to see the project succeed
Support Now!

Non Funding individuals will still be able to drive but will pay 165$ per event to drive. (that adds up quick!)

Funding will Run March 7th to April 6th Should the goal be reached before the deadline we will immediately freeze the membership option. No memberships will be available after that point.

Should this project fail to fully fund, everyone will receive a full refund April 7th.

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