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Villains S13 & S14 Angle Kit

(please contact us first if you want a option 2 s14 kit)

Option 1: 315$ We modify your core knuckles and LCA's
Option 2: 535$ We Ship you a ready-made kit (New LCA's)

-The Goods:
60 degrees of angle
stock rack location will have 7 degrees of ackermann
relocating your rack 25mm brings it down to 5 degrees of ackermann
relocating your rack 40mm brings it down to 2 degrees of ackermann
(these numbers assume 7 degrees of caster and 0 toe, changing toe, caster and ride height will change your overall akermann curve)

-What our kit includes
*Modified OEM Knuckles
*50mm Inner & Outer tie rods
* Slip on rack spacers
*40mm extended Lower Control Arms (LCA)


Q: How long do I have to wait for my kit to ship
A: Core availability is our single biggest hangup. some days we ship same day, some days we are stuck waiting 2 weeks for cores. if you are on a tight time frame please call us for the most up to date information. (shop phone # at the bottom of this page)

Q:For $315 do I have to supply my own knuckles and control arms before you modify them?
A:YES! If you want the $315 package you must send us YOUR LCA's & usable Knuckles FIRST. we modify them and send them back to you.

Q:What is the difference between option 1 and 2?
A: Option 2 comes with NEW Extended LCA's, option 2 also includes the core 150$ charge. (100% refundable)

Q:So for $535 do I need to still send my cores to you?
A:We strongly suggest it, and as an incentive we offer a $150 core refund for your usable Knuckles because we do not have a constant supply of knuckles and we rely on our awesome clientele to help us out by sending in their cores which helps us keep the cost and turn around time low for you guys.

Q: Do you box the LCA's?
A: No, not anymore. Having extensively tested both methods we found non-boxed arms handle the rigors of drifting absolutely great! In the worst case scenario of a crash, the arm folds up and absorbs the impact saving the coilover, Cross-member, tension rod and tension rod bracket.

Please select the details of your order in the drop down menu below so we know exactly what you need! If you have any other questions please email or call us!

WE NEED YOUR CORES, we are NOT a parts depot! Sadly we rely on your cores to continue supplying the grassroots community with quality angle! We understand that some of you are daily drivers as well which is why we have an exchange program in which you have a grace period to send us your KNUCKLES & LCA's in order to refund the $150 core fee.

Shop Phone:1(509)540-0468
Shipping Address: 390 E Boeing Ave, Walla Walla, WA 99362


  • Image of Villains S13 & S14 Angle Kit
  • Image of Villains S13 & S14 Angle Kit
  • Image of Villains S13 & S14 Angle Kit